My first book, Healing Your Life: Recovery from Domestic Abuse, was based on personal experience. I wanted to write an empathetic, encouraging guide to healing. More than twenty-five years after its release, I am humbled that it is still selling. After Healing, I wrote two more books directed specifically to women: Yes to Career Success! For Women in Transition (no longer available) and There’s a Rainbow in my Glass of Lemonade.

In 2002, after only writing poetry, non-fiction, and essays, I began writing fiction. To date, I have written and published fourteen books. Thirteen are available online at all major E-book retailers.

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Healing Your Life: Recovery from Domestic Abuse: self-help

There’s a Rainbow in my Glass of Lemonade: self-help

Healing Your Life and There’s a Rainbow combined: self-help

Northwoods Love: fiction

Sweet Farm of Mine: fiction

Sweet Land of Mine: fiction

Cream from Butterflies: autobiographical

I Wish I Lived There Again: autobiographical

Melpomene’s Hand: fiction

Women of the Farm: Five Short Stories

Warm Stanchions and Red Barns with Blue Roofs: poetry chapbook

Samantha Says: fiction

A Row of Rhubarb: autobiographical

Customer Reviews…

“Gently flowing love story of a woman who chooses an unconventional path in life. I enjoyed seeing through the eyes of the author the appreciation of the land she grew to love, the importance of the people in her life and faith in herself. Can’t wait for the next chapter of Ruth’s life to follow.” (Sweet Land of Mine)

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“I immediately began reading the second series of Candace Hennekens’ book, Sweet Land of Mine. I could not put it down. Candace makes the reader feel as if he or she is right there, living it. I read the book basically in two days. I wanted to get to the end. I loved how it ended happily!” (Sweet Land of Mine)
Grandma Judith

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“This was such a great book! I could not put it down. The author has such a clear grasp of the midwestern farm life. I laughed, I cried, I lived through Ruth. I loved the auction and the fair and her relationship with both her father and Charlie. I really felt in touch with Ruth, as I grew up in a farming family and now have a farming family of my own. The author knows her facts, down to the tractor pull and the old farmers one would find living in a small farm community. I immediately downloaded her 2nd book and am hoping a 3rd is on the way!!” (Sweet Farm of Mine)

Running Shell

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