Three Zinnias, watercolorI began painting in watercolors, moved to acrylics, then mixed media and collage, then to liquid watercolors and liquid acrylics. I have experimented with just about everything but oils. I like to work more abstractly than realistically, and enjoy using color. Currently I am using caseins, gouache, drawing media, and combining all the different media I have worked with in the past. I also love sewing and make fabric art, from collages made from tiny pieces of fabric to painting on fabric and shading with free motion quilting. I also quilt. I have sewn on my art with great success, especially watercolors because good watercolor paper is sturdy and accepts machine stitching easily.

Artist’s Statement: I came to art through writing and therefore already realized that developing a channel to the subconscious was the secret to making marks, whether on paper or canvas. Art making is therefore for me an unconscious but joyful experience. Instead of using art to explore ideas, I use art to explore inner worlds. While I do sometimes choose objects and things to paint, I always rely on the unconscious process to guide my hand. The secret to making this process work is silencing the inner critic, always chattering inside my head. The other guiding principle for me is using color to express the emotional message and tone of the artwork. The last thing I believe about art making is that there are no rules. I continually experiment with techniques and materials and increasingly find myself combining mediums and incorporating words into my artwork.

My relationship with my higher power and my home help ground and center me. I explore the world around me in some form or another. God’s love surrounds me and blesses me.

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My artistic role models are Georgia O’Keeffe, Bob Dylan, and Henry Miller.